Decoration chandelier’s been installed in the ceiling of the host of the EL-Abbas holy shrine.

The ceiling of the new host the EL-Abbas holy shrine has been decorated with a chandelier which is counted as a unique of its kind according to the qualities it has. The EL-Abbas holy shrine has imported it especially for the holy shrine. It is within the complementary items and accessories concerning the new expansion of the host, and this process is within the horizontal expansion of the EL-Abbas holy shrine.

The engineer Basheer Mohammed Jassim, the deputy general secretary of the EL-Abbas holy shrine said, “this chandelier has been bought from EL-Asfoor Egyptian company which is counted one of the greatest companies for producing Crystal in the world. The chandelier is 26m long, 50cm wide and 70cm high.”

Also said, “the chandelier consists of 11000 pieces of Crystal, in addition to 150 bulbs. Also the post bearers are gilded”.

What worth mentioning is that the host of the EL-Abbas holy shrine is counted within the expanding project. Large halls have been built to receive and hospitalize quest and visitors. The expansion project is considered the first one for the last six centuries. This project has been designed by Ardh EL-Quds construction company, (it is an Iraqi company operates in Kerbala holy province), and directly supervised the by geometrical project department of the holy shrine. This project will be achieved on a 2m20000 piece of land, three floors underground, ground floor, and the first floor is specified for best serving.

Also worth mentioning is that the geometrical department and maintenance and technical department in the EL-Abbas holy shrine have achieved many great projects. They have been working since they have been formed right after the x-regime had been toppled. Most of the projects achieved by them were practically done by their Iraqi personnel. They also supervised a lot of projects achieved by Iraqi companies with Iraqi personnel from outside of the holy shrine, and this current project is included. They also supervised so few projects achieved by foreign companies.
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