Al-Kafeel Center for Information Technology and Skills Development participates in a workshop about the requirements of the labor market of software and computer applications.

Al-Kafeel Center for Information Technology and Skills Development of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, participated in the scientific workshop organized by the Computer Systems Technology Department at the Technical Institute in Karbala with the participation of a number of departments and institutions in this field.

According to the Director of the Center, Professor Samer Al-Safi, the participation came after an official invitation from the Technical Institute in Karbala. Our participation was for the scientific and knowledge communication and to introduce the latest programs and technologies issued by the Center, as well as to contribute to show to the academic sphere the practical side of their teaching curricula, and the possibility of applying them on the ground depending on their technical young talented staff, without the use of ready-made software solutions. In addition to highlight that the Iraqi software can compete and develop modern programs and technologies.

He added: "The Center had a participation through which the Engineer Mustafa Al-Tamimi, one of the employees of the Center, presented the scientific vision of the Center through issuing a number of programs and techniques that contribute to the development of the students' abilities in both the theoretical and the practical aspects.

The head of the computer systems department at the Technical Institute in Karbala, Mr. Wathiq Lefta Abdul Ali, said: "It is a good opportunity to meet these elites from institutions and people with the expertise and skills. The workshop dealt with a number of axes that focus specifically on software currently used in the labor market, in addition to the possibility of modifying curricula for students of institutes to be compatible with existing programs in the labor market.

For his part, Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Fawzi Najm from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Karbala said: "In this workshop, we addressed the needs of the labor market in the field of information technology and computers, and we tried to provide a motivational lecture for students and cadres focused on the important aspects that help the student to obtain a greater chance of working after graduating from the institute."

At the end of the workshop, the representative of the center gave a presentation to the students of the institute who wish to enter the development training courses in the center, indicating that its doors are open to them and will work to improve their scientific and practical level.
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