In order to know about the achievements of the EL-Abbas holy shrine daily, tens of delegates of various classes of society visit to be aware.

one of the delegates
Documenting sons of Iraq’s efforts of serving holy shrines in Iraq, In order to deliver its message to the various classes of society, and to explain the process of construction geometrically, intellectually and organizationally, the general secretariat of the EL-Abbas holy shrine conducts receiving its guests of various classes of the Iraqi society in order to see what their brothers achieved for the holy shrines.

Those delegates included some scholars, educated, academic, notables, leaders of tribes, students, breadwinners and officials came from different provinces. After they finished performing pilgrimage and salutation to EL-Abbas (p.b.u.h), and prayed to be blessed after they had had a meal at the host of the holy shrine, the protocol section of the public liaisons department accompanies them every day to take a tour to see the porticos and the departments and the achievements, development, services and renaissance being done in the holy shrine.

The delegates flow every day approximately, they are supervised by representatives and dependable people of the supreme religious authority in Najaf province.

It is worthy mentioned that the two general secretariats of EL-Hussein and EL-Abbas holy shrines have preceded the other holy shrines in Iraq by establishing geometrical, scientific, researching, media, educational and some other departments of the EL-Abbas holy shrine that they were not available before the tyrant had been toppled on April-9-2003. Those departments changed the holy shrines in Iraq into civilizational knowledge centers besides being spiritual centers for believers and all the liberals in the whole world.
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