The separations installed to regulate the movement of the visitors.

In a record time and according to high technical specifications, the staff working in the engineering maintenance department at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine completed its work by installing the partitions separating between male and female visitors of the sanctuary of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him), with a very new and precise installation method and design with great magnificence, reflecting the harmonious inscriptions and decorations of the holy grid.

The head of the engineering maintenance department at the holy shrine spoke to us about the most important specifications of these partitions, which extends from the side of the holy head to the side of the feet, he said: "The staff of our department began installing partitions to separate female and male visitors, noting that the design and implementation of this project is conducted by the staff of the department without the use of any outside party. The partitions are characterized by the following:

1 - The partitions are made of stainless steel.

2 - Each partition consists of a number of sections, and they are separated from each other by a column of stainless steel.

  1. The separation column shall be fixed on the ground in a special way according to certain measurements.

4 - Between each column and another, there is a three layers piece of toughened glass, each layer's thickness is of 8 mm.

  1. A picture of the nets of the holy grid was engraved on each piece of glass.
  2. "Ya Abbas" was inscribed on each column and repeated (12 times).
  3. The glass is surrounded by a frame of stainless steel for durability.

8 - The height of the partition is of 2 meters.

9 - The partitions extended on two parts, the first on the side of the holy head by 14 meters length, and the second side is from the feet side by 13 meters length.

It is to note that these partitions are designed and implemented by the departmental staff, to replace the previous separations that were distorting the view because they were temporary ones and also because they were subject of falling during the special Ziyarat when millions of visitors flock to the holy shrine.
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