Within the intellectual and cultural activities, issuing a new book composed of three volumes by EL-Kefeel radio station.

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“EL-Kefeel radio station of the department of the intellectual and cultural affairs in the EL-Abbas holy shrine has published a book composed of three volumes entitled (way of ascetics). This book has been arisen in the light of the great success that a program entitled (way of ascetics) had been broadcast on air. Also, that program had had so many people listen to it for being beneficial.” Said to EL-Kefeel radio station, the deputy head of the department of intellectual and cultural affairs Mr. Aqeel Abd EL-Hussein EL-Yasiri.

He also said, “to spread the benefit; the station decided to deliver their programs to the readership especially whom have no time to listen to it, and this program is one of those programs. This issue elucidates the conclusion of the interpretation of a book entitled (noble manners supplication) written by Imam Zain EL-Abedeen (PBUH), who is really a great source of knowledge for educating the human. The book sheds light upon all the wrong aspects that must be corrected in an individual’s self, and some psychological, social, political and economical instructions. It also works on emphasizing on the ambiguous meanings in this great supplication such as the Good deal of the worshipper towards his creator, how this supplication treats disobeying Allah, art of communication with people, having relatives reconciled, politeness and some other matters, in order to be a proper start towards building the human entity in which it is considered the most important component to build an Islamic and firm society which its power is derived from the affirmative fiducial concepts, and to promulgate moral and educational values.”

It is worthy to mention that the aim of EL-Kefeel radio station is to support specially the Iraqi Ether and the Islamic generally, with a voice that reveals the suffering of the Islamic family and woman. This radio attempts to solve those problems according to the Islamic aspects which deal with everything. It also helps bring up children very well in accordance with the standard and sound method physically and psychologically. The method the station follows is based on the Mohammedian and Islamic regulations to build the human character generally and the family and woman specially. EL-Kefeel radio station is known that its personnel is consisted of women only. So, there is no station its personnel consisted of women only in the whole world.

It is mentioned that the EL-Abbas holy shrine restarted promulgating the proper Mohammedian culture and intellect, after two centuries ago, when it had been the greatest source of Islamic science. Now it started publishing books, booklets and revising scripts and books by the intellectual and cultural affairs department and its branches in the holy shrine. In addition to producing audiovisual and electronic culture.
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