The religious affairs department of the EL-Abbas holy shrine holds new jurisprudential courses for the employees.

Based on the verse of Qur’an saying, “Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction”. And for prompting the employees’ moral and jurisprudential level, the religious affairs department of the holy shrine has been holding courses in jurisprudence and creed. That’s what the head of the jurisprudential inquiry unit said to EL-Kefeel website Mr. Mohammed EL-Mosawi. He also said, “this department held many courses in ethics and jurisprudence for the employees since it had been founded, and it always does when needed especially when appointing new employees. This plan has been obtained in order to have the employees deal morally with pilgrimages, especially when it is so crowded, because Kerbala province is known for its multiple religious occasions during the year”.

EL-Mosawi said further, “as long as the employee is constantly communicating with pilgrimages. Therefore, an employee needs to be ethically prompted within the religious orientations”.

These courses also aim at qualifying the employees of all their various educational and age levels. They also develop their mental and vocational abilities and hobbies. The employees have been through various courses related to their specializations such as geometry, technique and security in order to reach higher levels towards perfection.
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