The General Secretariat of the El-Abbas holy shrine calls theatric specialists for participating in the Fourth International Festival of the EL-Husseini Theatre.

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Under the title of (The El-Husseini Theatre is the glow of immortality of the bestowal epic), the General Secretariat of El-Abbas holy shrine holds the Fourth International Festival of the El-Husseini Theatre, on 14th-15th of Jumadi AL-A’wal 1434, corresponding to 27th-28th March 2013. This has been addressed by Mr. Aqeel Abdul Hussein El-Yasiri, the member of the Festival Preparatory Committee, and Deputy of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs Department of the El-Abbas holy shrine.

He added: “For the purpose of encouraging the specialists in the theatre work, who have a pure history of allegiance to Imam Hussein (PBUH), which should be meaningful and rational at its purpose and essence. And for writing the proper scenario of the blessed revivalism of Imam Hussein (PBUH), and encouraging the Husseini Young to join this field of action and make a competition which results in evolving the creativity level. Also, showing the big interest of the administrations of the holy shrines in everything related to the principles and ideologies of Ahlulbait (PBUT)”.

Mr. El-Yasiri had also listed the conditions of the participation in the Festival:

1. The text core idea has to stimulate and address the issues of Imam Hussein and Ahlulbait (PBUT) and the righteous followers, in all perspectives and dimensions.

2. Texts must be not repeated, not used in previous competitions or published in a form of a booklet or a book.

3. Texts must be subject to the proper historical events and characters, based on the true and highly agreed Hadeeths (speeches) of Ahlulbait (PBUT).

4. Texts must be printed and handed to the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs Department in the El-Abbas holy shrine, or to be sent to the email address: (

5. The writer must be independent and literarily committed.

6. Texts must be written in formal Arabic Language, or any other Modern International Languages.

7. Text must be delivered throughout (1st October 2012 – 15th January 2013).

Mr. El-Yasiri has also addressed the awards for the first ten winning texts, as shown below:
- The first winning text: Five million Iraqi dinars with a golden shield.

- The second winning text: Three million Iraqi dinars with a silver shield.

- The third winning text: Two million Iraqi dinars with a bronze shield.

- The rest of the winning texts up to the tenth will be awarded one million Iraqi dinars with a certificate of appreciation for each one of the texts.

He added: “The texts will be submitted to arbitration committee, which is an academic committee, specialized in the theatrical works, to determine the first ten winning texts”.

It is mentioned that the administration of the El-Abbas holy shrine holds many cultural activities annually. It also participates in many joint activities with the administration of the El-Hussein holy shrine such as the cultural festivals that reach high levels of international participation.
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