The water station of al-Abbas (peace be upon him) in the province of Basra is working at full capacity and the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine continues to provide its support.

Eng. Diaa Majeed al-Sa'egh, head of engineering projects at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine and one of the members of the technical team sent by the supreme religious authority to the province of Basra to address the problem of water in it, stated: "The water station of al-Abbas (peace be upon him) -Station R zero- are working at its full productivity capacity, after the addition of pumps and repairing what was not functioning in cooperation with the technical staff working in the station, in order to provide drinking water to more than two millions people in Basra."

Al-Sa'egh added: "The al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine continues to provide technical and advisory support to ensure the continuation of the work of this station and so that the tragedy of last year is not repeated. The holy shrine has opened a residence of the resident engineer as part of its assigned work by the supreme religious authority. In addition to periodically follow up the work of the station through a sophisticated surveillance cameras system, which was connected to the control room of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, and the holy shrine is constantly updated on these works."

Al-Sa'egh said: "The surveillance work is carried out by 48 cameras operating 24 hours a day, and the operation and maintenance of the pumps is scientifically and practically registered, as well as other technical matters related to pumps, water levels and pipe conveyor station, and other details that support its continuous work without interruption."

Indicating: "Our work is not limited to monitoring, but we are doing maintenance work to help the operators and support the management of this plant, as we added and maintained a number of mechanical and electrical equipment."

It is worth mentioning that after the deterioration of the situation in the province of Basra due to lack and contamination of drinking water, the supreme religious authority in Najaf, has sent a delegation headed by its representative, Sayed. Ahmad al-Safi, and a group of experts and specialists in order to figure out the source of the problem and to develop solutions' plan to overcome the crisis. The al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has taken the responsibility of a number of works such as contributing to the maintenance of the al-Abbas's (p) station in collaboration with its working staff, as well as the construction of a desalination plant in the Shatt al-Arab district, in addition to the processing of the integrated water desalination station at the Basra Teaching Hospital.
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