The important points stated by the Supreme Religious Authority in the Friday sermon

The second sermon of Friday prayer of the 11th of Jumada I 1440 AH, corresponding to January 18, 2019, which was held in the holy shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) and led by his eminence Sheikh Abd al-Mahdi al-Karbala'i, included important points such as:

- The social phenomena threatening the moral system of society and social coexistence, is the social obloquy or exclusion, under the title "social obloquy of a significant personality to others."

- A significant personality means the social status of the person or social component arising from the components of its religious, social, cultural, moral, economic and political bases, giving the person a social status that is considered significant to others.

- Social obloquy means defaming a significant personality, community, or religious denomination.

- Social obloquy contradicts with the human nature and ethics, as a human innately tends to be socially accepted, respected, and honored by others.

- There are many methods of social obloquy especially in our present time, such as:

- There are three forms of the religious obloquy: First is the intellectual distortion, the second is the obloquy of the group who believes in this religious thought and third is the obloquy of the religious symbols.

- The intellectual distortion: the preachers of misguidance resort to the intellectual distortion using a precise method of falsifying and denying the cognitive and doctrinal facts, and second by the interpretation of these religious facts with interpretations that suit the whims and goals of the party that wants to defame the religious thought. And sometimes, they resort to attribute heinous acts and bad behaviors to this thought to isolate the society from it.

- The obloquy of the symbols and leaders of this thought by attributing certain behaviors, acts and relations that are contrary to moral values to distort their image in front of people and minimize their piety and asceticism in an attempt to distort their symbolism.

- The righteous scholars are subject of this campaign of lies, fabrication and distortion of their image, while they are considered the respected leaders and symbols that the society follows and adheres to.

- He who cannot distort the thought resorts to the obloquy of its symbols and scholars by socially distorting their image through the fabrication of fictitious stories to socially isolate them, so the arena is free for the preachers of misguidance and deviance.

- This is the most dangerous method of obloquy as those preachers use the means of communication and media to have the ability to fabricate, lie, defame and distort to convince the naive people.

- As a result of this religious obloquy, there will be the intellectual obloquy of the community, by isolating people from their leaders, who lost their social status, majesty, and prestige because of this religious isolation.

- Social obloquy, which we see a lot on the social network pages, where people trace the mistakes of others to share them widely, which leads to the obloquy of the social status of the person in question, which has a disastrous results on the society.

- Despite that the person is known by his good morals and ethics but once someone else fabricate a lie and attribute it to him through the social media, most people believes it for the wonderful power that social media have to convince people.

- The other method is to follow the small mistakes of the person in question to publicize them in a greater scope to be considered as heinous and unacceptable morally and religiously.

- The fourth method is the disclosure of secrets, which is used as a method of defamation, especially when the internal family secrets concerning women are publicized.

- This method threatens the social peace and the stability of families and reputation of men and women, which my lead to killing.

- We must be very careful to keep our secrets, to not allow others to use them against us one day while we ignore the consequences of these actions.

- Some people use the social network to distort the image of believers and many scholars, without taking into account their normal character as human, defaming their dignity, status and pride in society.
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