Al-Kafeel University conducts "Samfa" exam for the first time inside Iraq.

The Al-Kafeel University of the Department of Education and Higher Education at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine represented by the language education unit, has conducted the standard test of Persian language skills "Samfa", as the sole and exclusive agent and representative of eleven provinces in central and southern Iraq, of the International Center for Persian Language Teaching at the Firdawsi University in Mash'had. Those who succeed this test, will be awarded by the certificate of the Persian language, which make them eligible for study in all Iranian universities, thus contributing to alleviate the suffering of students who wish to complete their primary and higher studies in the Iranian universities, and shorten the time and cost of taking language courses within the country.

The test was held on Friday, 11th of Jumada I 1440H, corresponding to January 18, 2019 on the Grand Examination Hall of the al-Kafeel University in Najaf with the participation of 28 students of various specialties in preparation for the start of their academic studies in the Republic of Iran.

The scientific assistant of the head of the al-Kafeel University; Prof. Dr. Yahya Mahdi al-Miyali, explained to al-Kafeel Network: "This test is the outcome of the agreement between the Language Education Unit at the al-Kafeel University and the Ministry of Science, Knowledge and Technology of Iran, which qualifies to complete the study in any of the Iranian universities without exception".

"Today, for the first time in Iraq, the "Samfa" exam is being held under the agreement signed with the University of Ferdowsi in Mash'had, which is the highest level of Persian language proficiency test within the Iranian Ministry of Science," said Mahmoud Faisal Al Sabar, head of the language education unit, adding: "This test is conducted at the same time as other centers, which will allow the student to complete his studies at Iranian universities, since the basic condition is to pass this test, which is conducted exclusively by the unit within Iraq. Noting that there is an intensive course that lasts for six months, interspersed with three exams that qualify participants to this exam."

It is noteworthy that obtaining the approvals for the establishment of these courses, which currently include English and Farsi, is to facilitate the task and shorten time for those wishing to complete their studies outside Iraq. As courses in foreign languages have been opened to give students a certificate in language in Iraq to qualify them to enter foreign universities.
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