Collegiate liaisons unit of the EL-Abbas holy shrine holds symposium.

the symposium
The Collegiate liaisons unit of the AL-Abbas holy shrine arranged a symposium on Friday 5th/Oct/2012 about a research entitled (challenges in the modern Islamic intellect) by the researcher, codicologist, and teacher at a religious school in Iran-Qum city Shaikh Abdul Kereem AL-Najaf. A group of masters and student from AL-Mustafa international university and AL-Basrah University.
They discussed the thorny relationship between the challenge and modern Islamic intellect, and is the modern Islamic intellect able to confront the aggressive challenges against Islam and Muslims or not.
AL-Najaf said, "in the aspect of the Europeans; there is an image which visualizes the human as if he is an empty pot and challenges moving inside of it to create the intellect, but in the Islamic aspect is that there is another aspect given by God when mentioned in Noble Qur'an and that means that the human comes to life without any knowledge, but it does not mean it that the human is an empty pot as the Europeans visualized because in fact; the human naturally has the essence of knowledge by God, and challenging is an extrinsic stimulus influences the human always".
He also said, "the sense of hearing and sight transfer the movements of challenging of the actual world. Islamic Message is to challenge atheism, going astray, moral, educational, social, political and economic deterioration".
As we are Muslims and Islam shouldn't be viewed scurrilously by the others, because a negative view by someone is merely a sin.
At the end of the symposium; there was a short time for the audience to raise their questions, Shaikh AL-Najaf started answering them.
In the light of that, Mr. Abd AL-Kereem AL-Haideri the head of Noble Qur'an and prophetic speech department from AL-Mustafa international university said, "the AL-Kefeel national youths project is one of the best projects. Academic study supports religious study, and religious study develop the academic study where we should shed light upon it so we can offer modern aspects about the religious study".
It is mentioned that the AL-Kefeel national youths project is established by the EL-Abbas holy shrine in order to educate the young intellectually and culturally according to the culture and intellect of the prophet Mohammed.
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