The important points stated by the Supreme Religious Authority in the Friday sermon

Dear brothers and sisters, we will continue what we have started in the previous sermon about the important subject of caring for the family, and we have said that it is necessary to maintain the family entity because of its positive repercussions on the community. And we have highlighted that the correct and proper education in a cohesive family was stressed by Islam according to specific rules of conduct.

As mentioned above, the most important influences in our current society are based on three cases, which might be divided into other cases:

The first case: The situation of the family and its influence on the education.

The second case: The situation of the school.

The third case: The situation of the general atmosphere.

As for the family, we have previously said that the responsibility lies on the head of the family, which requires him to produce a healthy family.

As for the school, we did not talk about it in detail in advance, but we reminded the importance of the teacher's role in the upbringing of the generation, from kindergarten to university, which is a joint process between the teacher and the family. And we will highlight more details about this topic in the future.

As for the third case or the third influence factor: the general atmosphere, which is outside the family and the school. Children spend some of their time outside these two institutions. And here we express deep regret for the dangerous atmosphere the Iraqi society is experiencing nowadays. And I believer that for everyone who realizes danger in their family and society must deal with it within their permissible limits, as everyone can take a certain social responsibility, such as preaching, advising, or making decisions to make the society better.

The general atmosphere is the state of chaos in which we live. Note brethren there is a difference between freedom and chaos; some people misunderstand the two concepts—freedom is a set of rules people comply with, and one is not allowed to do whatever they desire under the pretext of freedom, as there is no such concept. In fact, freedom doesn’t mean one can do anything. One can’t park their car in front of another person’s house or in the middle of the street, for the person has no right to do that, and in doing so, they will be subject to ridicule as this is a violation of public interests. Therefore, we say further that Iraqis are experiencing chaos now, and some people think it is freedom.

The chaos is settled in the society when there is no social immunity to prevent the country from deteriorating and to end aberrant behaviors. Therefore, this immunity is the responsibility of everyone.

Any person has the right to walk, live, and no-one has the right to wrong them. A father has the right to educate his child, and no-one has the right to interfere that upbringing, as long as it is according to the limits and rules. We do not want the chaos, respectful people are respectable and the other has to respect himself first to not harm others.

We are a society of values, civilization, rules and customs, we adhere to freedom within the limits and we also deny the chaos. One of the issues affecting the Iraqi people now is that when a problem occurs, the aggrieved party threatens the aggressor and their family and ask them to abandon the place they live in. Is this a freedom? No, it is a chaotic situation that is frightening!

Freedom has limits, and this is what we see in the developed countries. Iraq enjoys values, a great culture, and traditions, and such qualities should never be forgotten.

Also, parents complain about the effect of chaos affecting their children’s behavior. They are complaining about the fact that everything became available and allowed in these days, which threatens the integration and cohesion of the families. Members of the same family find difficulty communicating with each other, in a state of total breakdown. So, we call for laws that control chaos and spread the sense of freedom.

The community has to exercise its role, as the greatest and best immunity is the social immunity. So please, take care of this issue; it is everyone’s responsibility as no one is exempt. Look after the society, its principles and values. Don’t overlook this issue, and don’t let your children get used to this chaos, but teach them freedom and its rules.
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