Al-Kafeel Super Specialty Hospital conducted more than 16 thousand operations with high success rates during 2018.

The Director of the Al-Kafeel Super Specialty Hospital at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine; Dr. Mohamad Aziz, announced: "The hospital carried out 16,866 surgical operations during the past year 2018 with a high success rate of nearly 90%. This is a remarkable achievement in accordance with international medical standards."

He added: "The number of operations this year have exceeded those of the last year, in more diverse specialities whether major, large or medium surgeries, most of which were conducted with the participation of Iraqi medical staff of high efficiency who used the medical devices of the hospital, leading to this result."

"The hospital carried out a large number of operations, including 571 special operations, over 2841 major operations, 3619 large operations, 1390 medium operations and 658 small operations".

He added that the operations included 869 general surgery operations, 736 neurosurgical operations, 127 open heart surgeries, 1638 eye surgeries, 2157 endoscopy procedures, 931 complex fractures and bone surgeries, 2207 gynaecology surgery operations, 171 gastrointestinal surgery operations, and 341 urinary surgery operations."

The director of the hospital management, Mr. Mohammed Hadi, added: "Based on the directions of the General Secretariat of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, the hospital has contributed to the provision of social services to hundreds of cases from various Iraqi provinces, including providing treatment and surgeries for the patients free of charge."

"The hospital has sponsored various humanitarian and medical programs through a number of local satellite channels, by ensuring that patients are treated or undergo surgery for low-income people and the poor who implore these channels," said Hassan Hussain al-'Aredhi, head of the Information and Public Relations Division.

"In collaboration with international organizations like the Indian organization BMVSS, the hospital has set up a camp to install more than 600 prosthetic limbs from the security forces, the popular mobilization and those affected by terrorist operations, as well as patients who have lost limbs due to various diseases," al-'Aredhi said.

And for inquiries and to see the services provided by the hospital, please visit the official hospital website ( or call the following numbers: (07602344444) or (07602329999).
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