How to invest your spring holiday to learn Quran.

For the purpose of investing the spring holiday to learn Quran, the Quranic Projects Center of the Holy Quran Institute at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced opening the registration of courses in the national project for the preparation of readers in Iraq, in the fourth season for the spring period.

The Center indicated that the registration is open for the period from 5th to 10th February 2019. The participation in the development course is open to all readers of Iraq. It includes those admitted last year at the same stage or below. The levels of the readers will be sorted in the test, which will be held on February 10, 2019, after which the readers will be transferred to the professional course - the first course - which will be held during the period 11-16th February 2019.

The Center also set up many participation conditions for the development session:

1- The participant's age must be 18-35 years old.

2 - Knowledge and proficiency in the rules of Tajweed, good performance and nice voice.

3 - The applicant participates in the test by sending a video in which he is presenting the recitation with his voice in the best way possible. The video must be sent before the (28/1/2019).

4 - The reader must mention his full name, his day of birth, his province and the Quranic institution to which he belongs, along with a new personal picture.

  1. The Center will publish the videos on the participants' Facebook account (Qur'anic Projects Center).

Therefore, the recitations' video must be recorded according to the following rules:

1 - The recitation should be clear and free from mistakes.

2- The video shall be free from technical treatments and sound improvements.

3- The video should be newly recorded and registered specifically for participation in the project.

  1. The duration of the video should not exceed six minutes.
  2. The camera should not be far from the participant.
  3. The participant should dress conveniently during filming.
  4. The recitation video should be sent only via Telegram program exclusively to this number (07827740369).
  5. The applicant must send the recitation video only once without repetition or replacement, otherwise his participation will be cancelled.

9 - The applicant must recite the following verses of Surat al-Ahzab: (from verse 38 ...) to (verse 48).
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