The most important points stated by the supreme religious authority in the Friday prayer sermon.

The second sermon of Friday prayer of the 25th of Jumada I 1440 AH, corresponding to February a, 2019, which was held in the holy shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) and led by his eminence Sheikh Abd al-Mahdi al-Karbala'i, included important points such as:

  • - One of our basic functions is to show the Islamic teachings and also to highlight these phenomena that threaten the moral system and the social coexistence to fortify society when some social phenomena threaten its existence, social cohesion and moral system.
  • - Among these social phenomena is slander, fabrication of the news and their dissemination falsely without investigation.
  • - The most important tool of expression is the tongue, which is used to introduce scientific and educational methods and cultures, the dissemination of the scientific and cognitive cultures among the human beings, and the transfer the historical facts, biographies of the great personalities, as well as the transfer of history of previous events and nations. The tongue is also a mean of understanding, dialogue and discussion.
  • - The pen, or the writing, is another form of communication, as it is a second tongue that can be used for the good or for the evil, especially with the dissemination of the social media use.
  • - Among the social necessities is the stability, happiness and the social and cultural coexistence. The stability of the society is achieved by the synergy, understanding, dialogue, solidarity and cooperation based on the mutual trust among members of society.
  • - The tongue or the pen, are the key to convey and reveal the facts, which if they are revealing sincerely the truths, facts, feelings and emotions, they are then messengers of the good in the society, and will lead to the stability and happiness of the community.
  • - But if it is using the means of deception, deceit, forgery and fabrication, then it is the pioneer of evil and the messenger of corruption and depreciation.
  • - Among the phenomena that have spread in the recent period is the fabrication, falsification, slander and deception. Therefore, we must be careful, cautious and vigilant when using the social media.
  • - Among the reasons of such phenomenon is the envy, the hatred and hostility to others that drives to attributing false things to innocent people.
  • - Also the greed for money, position, influence, to flatter those in power, partisanism, fanaticism of religion, sect, tribe or else.
  • - Another reason is the haste and hurry to judge things, contributing to the dissemination of the falsehood, lies, falsification, misinformation and slander of people and bodies, especially with regard of scholars and men of religion.
  • - It is a great crime and a great sin that we share information that are falsified and fabricated without looking for the proof and verification, and without reasoning with the heart, conscience, morals and laws that prevail is such matters.
  • - It is a kind of injustice towards the innocent people, and this causes a distortion and attenuation of this personality, especially when we are speaking about scholars and men of religion. In addition to the moral and psychological.
  • - The most dangerous thing that we contribute without intention in the dissemination of lies, falsehoods and slander of the scholars and men of religion leading us to serious consequences which have harmful effects in this world and the Hereafter.
  • - The believer must take his time to consult his heart before speaking, if there is a good in talking, he speaks, but if there is a harm or abuse, he stays quiet.
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