The most important points stated by the supreme religious authority in the Friday prayer sermon.

The second sermon of Friday prayer of the 2nd of Jumada II 1440 AH, corresponding to February 8, 2019, which was held in the holy shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) and led by his eminence Sayed Ahmad al-Safi, included important points such as:

  • - There are issues in sociology, religious and civilizational education that are extraneous to our society that we are proud of.
  • - We can sense the problems that affect our society, as there are many factors to treat them.
  • - There are three axes that affect the people: the family, the school and the general atmosphere in which we live, and we have warned about the cases of chaos.
  • - We would like to remind people about the noble task that lies on the fathers.
  • - Students spend many years studying, starting from the elementary school to the university, during which they build their personalities.
  • - The school has an important role in the educational aspect of the youth which will affect the society.
  • - One of negative issues that our educational system is suffering from is that those responsible for the educational system are unprofessional; and this is what makes it worse.
  • - Hence the importance of sanctifying education as a profession, for it is one of the sacred duties in life.
  • - It’s not a shame for the society to sanctify and honor educationists and teachers, but rather a necessity.
  • - Those responsible for the educational system must realize that education is essential, and it must be dealt professionally and scientifically.
  • - Families educate children for 6 years, send them to school to study for about 20 years, and expects them to be mature and educated – and it’s inappropriate that the educational system does not educate them the way they should be.
  • - If a teacher encourages students to cheat, he or she helps to corrode the society.
  • - One of the most sacred links is the link between the teacher and his students, nobody is allowed to disassemble its ties.
  • - There is a kind of respect of the teacher by his students if lost, the trust is lost along with the good educational results.
  • - There must be a societal immunity that starts from the family structure to the school to be able to found a good society.
  • - The teacher has requirements, and needs and has the right to have all the appropriate environmental conditions, but at the same time, he or she should not give up as this will affect socially people.
  • - The people of decision are expected to take firm decisions in this matter.
  • - This is our society and we are all responsible for it, which is imperative to focus on the educational aspect of our children that will be the men of the future.
  • - The school has important role as it can correct the education given by the family if it was not done correctly, or the other way.
  • - We stress on the role of family in terms of upbringing children, and teaching them ethics.
  • - We recall that teachers ought to be provided with everything needed to perform their profession.
  • - Education is the basis of success, that is why we hope that those in power support the educational system and make sure it continues as it did in the past years.
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