Scientists, Academics and Politicians Praise the EL-Abbas Holy Shrine for the Success Results

the fair
Periodical visits by scientists, academics and politicians to the stand of the EL-Abbas holy shrine participating in the Sixth International digital media fair held Tameneah media technology center of the Iranian ministry of culture.
They have been briefed on EL-Kefeel International Website and everything concerning the intellectual and cultural products of the EL-Abbas holy shrine, in addition to the activities.

One of the visitors was Shaikh Ali Akbar that he showed his admiration to the stand in which reflects the extent of the development of the electronic media of the EL-Abbas holy shrine.

Mr. Ali Bazdikhy, the general director of the education department has said that he was honored for being among those stands at that fair; especially the stand represented EL-Abbas holy shrine, and seeing it participating was a great remark refers to the EL-Abbas holy shrine media department being developed noticeably and proudly.
He also said, "I have personally been honored and so has my accompanying delegation been to visit the stand belongs to the EL-Abbas holy shrine. The fair is one the greatest fairs held in the Middle East".

He also said that the EL-Abbas holy shrine has participated inside and outside Iraq a lot, and this is the second time to participate continuously in Iran, that will definitely bring a great credit to it by receiving so many people visiting; and urges it to create more activities.
The aim of the participation done by the EL-Abbas holy shrine is to inform about the development and scientific revivalism of this holy spot.
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