Al-Kafeel Museum is preparing to hold its third international conference and invites researchers and specialists to participate in it.

The al-Kafeel Museum of treasures and manuscripts at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced its intention to establish the third edition of its International Conference to be held (1-2 October 2019) Under the slogan: (museums and modern technologies), calling for researchers, specialists and academics from inside and outside Iraq to participate in it, to be a way to communicate and open prospects for development and cooperation with local and international museums according to the following axes and conditions.

Themes of the conference:

- Techniques for preserving museum information.

- Museums in the network of information and social communication.

- Modern techniques in museum display.

- Science and modern techniques in the maintenance of museum collections.

- Scientific techniques and modern methods in the design of museums.

- Developing museum management skills.

Participation conditions:

  1. The researcher should address one of the themes of the conference.
  2. The researcher must adhere to the methodology of the universally recognized scientific research. The research must be written in one of the two languages ​​(Arabic or English).
  3. The researcher shall submit his research printed on paper (A4) (one copy) and on CD. The research should be written between 15 to 30 pages by Simplified Arabic font and size 14. To be sent via e-mail of the conference.
  4. The research shall not been published or participated in a previous conference or symposium.
  5. A summary of the research shall be sent in Arabic and English (not more than 300 words), along with the biography of the researcher.
  6. Deadline for receipt of abstracts of research is May 1, 2019.
  7. Deadline for receipt of the complete research is August 1, 2019.
  8. Participating research shall be subject to scientific evaluation and scientific inquiry program.
  9. The organizer of the conference shall accommodate the participants throughout the duration of the conference.
  10. The researcher is committed to bring his own research PowerPoint presentation when it is accepted and not send it along with the research.
  11. Research should be sent to or

For further information, please call (009647802618476) or (009647702728492) or (009647709721010).

It is to note that the conference aims to:

First: Preservation of the cultural and civilization heritage.

Second: Supporting religious institutions to establish specialized museums and develop the museum work.

Third: Opening up and developing cooperation with local and international museums' institutions.

Fourth: Develop the performance of the museums' work to enhance the media and economic knowledge of the museum.
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