The most important points stated by the supreme religious authority in the Friday prayer sermon.

The second sermon of Friday prayer of the 16th of Jumada II 1440 AH, corresponding to February 22, 2019, which was held in the holy shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) and led by his eminence Sayed Ahmad al-Safi, included important points such as:

  • - Some social problems began to strike strongly our society and our country
  • - We categorized the roles that can be promoted by the community starting by the family and the school in regard with the education aspect
  • - If everyone takes the responsibility of facing the negative issues in the society, all the problems will be solved
  • - If people don’t feel the responsibility and don’t realize it, the situation will remain chaotic so there must be a solution for that.
  • - Some issues need constant coordination
  • - The society must stand together to solve their issues, especially the issues that have been disintegrating family bonds and education
  • - Giving up means that issues will prevail.
  • - Letting our problems prevail means we are plunging into chaos.
  • - Some problems began to break up the family bonds as well as the educational impact, there is no longer sanctity of education
  • - In the state of chaos, no one is respected and everything became allowed.
  • - The chaos is ended only by being rationed and by huge efforts
  • - The cognition, awareness and maturity need to be reinforced
  • - Not everyone who says they are mature is true; maturity is to comprehend the condition we are living – and it has nothing to do with the academic degree; being mature to tackle the society’s issues indicates discernment and civility.
  • - The consciousness and awareness needs realization and work. There must be a deterrent to any chaos
  • - Teachers, fathers, and older brothers must be respected, because one has a religious, legal or customary deterrent.
  • - Problems can sometimes be tackled through law, and sometimes through ethics, customs, and religion.
  • - No-one can deny Iraq’s history, customs, religion, and law
  • - If customs and law are dispensed with, how bad the situation will be?
  • - We must know that chaos is the absence of law, which can be done by a lawman breaking the law, a person with customs violating the customs, or a cleric infringing religion.
  • - Every society must have a reference to prevent its deterioration
  • - Everyone must shoulder its responsibility in order to preserve society and its cohesion
  • - There is no solution except to return to the religious, legal and customary values in a way that not conflict with them.
  • - People must re-embrace their religious, legal, and customary values in a way those values should not contradict
  • - The society’s conditions requires that everyone should take the responsibility to protect it.
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