Smart Fert is an effective alternative to soil fertilization by al-Joud Company.

Al-Joud Company for the industry technology and modern agriculture of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, produced a high-efficiency fertilizers that supports the plant in all stages of growth. It has proved its success in the laboratory and on the ground, as the company's staffs studied and analysed all the agricultural problems and pests and came out with the effective solutions including Smart Fert, a 100% water-soluble fertilizer was produced according to the highest international standards for the manufacture of paper fertilizers, as well as being supported by micro particles, folic acid and selected seaweeds.

Farmers use annually a large proportion of these fertilizers, for its importance in stimulating plant growth as well as contain the nutrients that promote growth.

The most important characteristics of this fertilizer:

  • Low salinity index.
  • PH is lower than 6.
  • 100% water soluble.
  • Sodium and chlorine free.
  • Easy absorption of plants.
  • High efficiently in various spraying and watering systems.

Its advantages are:

- Effective effect in increasing production and improving production quality.

- Meets different nutritious needs of different age and stage of growth.

- High mixing ability with other types of fertilizers and pesticides.

- Used efficiently for various types of plants through high drip irrigation systems and fixed and mobile spraying.

- An effective alternative to soil fertilization.

- Direct response and rapid and effective treatment of the shortage of major and minor elements and rebalancing the growth of plants.

The product is sold at the direct sales outlets of the company in the province of Karbala and outside, and for inquiries please call the following number (07801930125) or (07801035422) or visit the Center of Direct sales of the company located face to the column 1145 on the road Karbala-Najaf.
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