The al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad launches a major operation to purge the Western Sahara of terrorist cells.

The leadership of the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad announced on Sunday, 16th of Jumada II 1440 AH corresponding to February 24, 2019, the launch of the largest operation it has carried out since its establishment to purge the Western Sahara of the terrorist cells, which criminal hands have reached, during the past few days, unarmed citizens who were looking for the truffle plant.

The leadership said in a press statement that: "In solidarity with the families of all martyrs, this operation is launched in 450 km; starting from the West Anbar to the Ratbah through the Ghadaf valley up to the Iraqi border, based on joint information and effort intelligence," explaining: "The main objective of the operation is to purge Wadi al-Ghadaf from those criminal cells."

Indicating that the operation is led by Anbar operations and the Squad which leads the fifth axis, pointing out that they obtained from the joint operations the necessary powers to expand operations in that desert in coordination with the competent operations, stressing that the operation will continue until the achievement of all its objectives, God willing.
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