Important: The knights of the al-Kafeel break into the valley of al-Ghadaf in Western Sahara.

The leadership of the al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad; 26th brigade of the popular mobilization, has announced that it has launched the second phase of its military operation to purge the Western Sahara of the terrorist gangs by storming the al-Ghadaf valley, which is one of the dens of the terrorist ISIL gangs that takes it as a starting point for its cowardly criminal acts, and it is called the Desert Monster. The operation is executed as directed by the Joint Operations Command as part of Operation "The revenge of the betrayed".

A statement of the Squad, seen by the Al-Kafeel Global Network, indicated that the heroes of the Squad forces launched the second phase of the great operation of the squad at the dawn on Monday, storming the valley of al-Ghadaf, which is the most dangerous for embracing the remaining criminal ISIL gang cells, asserting that its heroes achieved the most important goal in this operation to purge and secure this vast desert up to the Iraqi border, indicating that it will announce the goals and achievements in detail later.

It is noteworthy that these operations are under the umbrella of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense under the supervision of the Anbar Operations Command and the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad; the 26th brigade of the popular mobilization, which ensures the fifth axis of this major operation.
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