"Haqeebat al-Mu'min" App: the latest updates in the new design.

Among of the interesting applications that have achieved wide success among its users inside and outside Iraq, becoming one of the most used Islamic applications is the application "Haqeebat al-Mu'min", which is an application issued by the Applications' unit of the Internet Division at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine. The technicians are engaged to occasionally introduce the best applications' technology to upgrade it. Therefore, a package of updates have been introduced recently to the application with a new design, whether on the Android or Ios phones, as well as the web-application, to ease the use of its services.

This is the seventh update of the application, which was radical this time, starting from design and logo to the main provided services, relying on reliable sources. The most important changes and updates made to the application are:

- Change of the main application logo.

- Adding English.

- Adding a favorites list.

- Adding Istikhara.

- Adding a number of backgrounds to the application.

- Adding the night prayer to the Ruku' counter.

- Adding of the Holy Quran with its interpretation.

- Adding a number of supplications with the voice of new readers.

- Changing the reading mode for the supplications and Ziyarat.

- Improving the application's overall performance and resolving all issues related to the previous version.

- Improving compass work.

- The possibility of activating the Adhan alarm through the application home page.

- Adding the weather information according to each city.

The application with its latest updates is now on the Google Play Store and to download the application click here.

To download it on App Store, click here.

The application page on the Al-Kafeel Global Network: Click here.
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