The most important points stated by the Supreme Religious Authority in the sermon of Friday prayer

The Supreme Religious Authority highlighted important educational and social points in the second sermon of Friday prayer of the 30th of Jumada II 1440 AH corresponding to March 8, 2019, which was held in the holy shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) and led by his eminence Sayed Ahmad al-Safi, such as:

  • - The alarm must be sounded for the state of collapse in some moral system, and also the state of indifference, which is strange to our country.
  • - There is an integrated moral system that is supposed to grow, but it is beginning to decline and fall down
  • - It is surprising that the response to address the issue is very limited so it is not solving the problem.
  • - Each of us has to work according to his role in the society.
  • - I think that the absence of the modesty and decency can lead to many problems!
  • - "al-Haya'" is a kind of decency against rudeness and shamelessness.
  • - "al-Haya'" is when I feel ashamed because I made an act contrary to the public morals.
  • - We are living in a time, in which the freedom is misunderstood, and it is used to make the children, the youth, men and women forget about their decency, shyness and modesty in the name of freedom.
  • - The life without these morals is closer to the jungle than humanity.
  • - The society must have the immunity to not allow a life without modesty, decency and shyness, and face the false claims of the fake freedom, as they are only calling for the destructive chaos that has no limits.
  • - The freedom has its characteristics and values that must be respected.
  • - The true freedom respects the individuals, the family, the history, and the principles.
  • - A freedom without respect leads to a state of chaos, failure and defeat.
  • - And we pray God that those who are exporting their defeat and shamelessness to us, do not succeed in taking away the modesty and shyness from our society.
  • - The society must has the social immunity that prevent it to collapse, as the statistics are scary.
  • - We must always put forward and highlight the history, the authenticity and the heritage of our country.
  • - There are great examples of scholars, families, youth, and mothers who raised those heroes who fight for the stability and protection of our homeland.
  • - They are our dignity and honor as they embody the modesty and decency.
  • - Be aware of being fooled with terms that are closer to mirage than to reality.
  • - We must all together preserve the structure of our society.
  • - The community should rise up and everyone must be concerned about raising and educating a generation that knows how to build a country.
  • - Try to prevent the country from falling into chaos and adapt the true freedom, which is based on rules and values that protect us from the mess of the chaos.
  • - We do not want to live in the state of chaos, panic, aggression, irresponsibility and unconsciousness.
  • - We would like that our societies live with modesty, decency and respect.
  • - I am renewing my call to all to be aware of the desperate attempts to take away the morals from our country.
  • - God willing, by the efforts of all, the virtue will not be defeated, but it will remain with its chastity, decency, modesty, courage, and pride, as our country deserves to maintain its identity, its reputation and dignity.
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