The Institute of the Holy Quran organizes a Quranic seminar entitled "Do not abandon the Quran."

The Institute of the Holy Quran at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine is organizing many events and activities aiming to highlight the high contents of the Holy Quran and to contribute to increasing the knowledge about the Holy Quran. Among these seminars is a seminar organized by its branch in the Hindia District entitled "Do not abandon the Holy Quran, presented by the representative of the Supreme Religious Authority in Kadhemiyah; His eminence Sheikh Hussein Aal Yaseen.

The seminar, which was held in Hussainiyat Qamar Bani Hashem in the Hindia District, witnessed a presence of Quranic, educational and academic figures and a number of believers, and dealt with many topics centered on the abandonment of the Holy Quran. The lecturer also addressed the importance of reading the Holy Book of Allah continuously and to not abandon the Holy Quran, highlighting the narrations and Hadith of the Holy Prophet and Ahl al-Bayt (Allah's prayers be upon them all) about this matter, and then he explained the kinds of abandoning the Holy Quran, such as abandoning listening to it, abandoning working by it, and abandoning meditating in its meanings.

It is worth mentioning that this seminar is one of the continuous monthly Quranic seminars organized by the Institute's branch, by hosting each month a Quranic or academic personality in order to spread the science of the Holy Book.
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