The Center for the Restoration of Manuscripts discusses ways of working and cooperation with the National Center for Documentation of the crimes of the Baath Party.

In order to consolidate the frameworks of cooperation and joint work between the Library and the House of Manuscripts of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine and the government institutions, in order to exchange experiences, issues and matters of common interest, a delegation from the Manuscript Restoration Center visited the National Center for Documenting the Crimes of the Baath Party, the Martyrs Foundation and the Directorate of Criminal Evidence, represented by the Manuscripts Department.
During this visit, they agreed on some matters concerning the joint work between the two parties and how to benefit from the experiences of both sides and how to benefit from the expertise of both parties to be employed in the right direction in order to serve the work process and its sustainability. And after the completion of this visit, the delegation honored the mentioned parties in appreciation of their participation in the forum of the Arab manuscript day.
The delegation was accompanied by the director of the National Center for Documentation of the crimes of the Baath party and the director of the manuscripts department, Mr. Mohamed Abd Gate' and Captain Omar El Sa'edi from the Directorate of Criminal Evidence.
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