Constant visits to the museum of EL-Abbas holy shrine after great successes.

The museum of EL-Abbas holy shrine became a center of attraction for the archeologists and specialists after fulfilling great successes.
The principal of the British institute for studying Iraq in London D. Honor Robinson; accompanied with the Iraqi expert Lamya' EL-Kailany who is considered one of the international experts in the Iraqi archeology department in.

They visited the museum and admired everything such as way of keeping antiquities. D. Robinson said, "I hope that every single antiquity would be identified very well and gets its significance comparing to the other international museums because these are some of most valuable masterpieces. What available in the museum of EL-Abbas holy shrine need a larger place to have all antiquities displayed".

She also praised the managers working in the museum for their efforts offered considering that as a quantum leap in the field of the wide intellectuality.
She concluded her speech with thanking the general secretariat of the EL-Abbas holy shrine for appreciating her visit.
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