EL-Kefeel International Website announces Finishing Pilgrimage and supplication by Proxy.

The EL-Kefeel International Website of the internet section of the EL-Abbas holy shrine has finished the pilgrimage and supplication by proxy for the registered people on its website in three languages: English and Arabic and Persian.

The pilgrimage included Imam Mohammed EL-Baqer (p.b.u.h) on the occasion of his martyrdom and Imam Hussein and his brother EL-Abbas (p.b.u.t) on Arafah day and in the Greater Bairam.

The whole process has been done in coordination with some faithful Muslims whom volunteered to do all that instead of people whom are far from Imam Hussein (p.b.u.h), those who cannot come for some reasons.

Those faithful believers performed pilgrimage by proxy for 13105 persons from all over the world. The period of having people register their names was one week.
Most of the registered were from Iraq / Bahrain / Saudi Arabia / Sudan / Morocco / Kuwait / Egypt / United Arab Emirates / Syria / Lebanon / Tunisia / Malaysia / Sweden / France / Britain / Australia has revealed / USA / Canada / London / Russia / Germany / Afghanistan / India /Pakistan / Turkey / Iran / Spain / Italy / Peru / Argentina.
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