Noble Qur'an Institute Originated a Specialized Committee in Qur'an

For keeping the Noble Qur'an memorized and being taking care of by people, the Noble Qur'an institute of the intellectual and cultural affairs department of the EL-Abbas holy shrine originated a specialized committee in the Qur'anic field to expand its activities based on the common saying of Imam Ali (p.b.u.h) "those who confer would certainly be guided to the right path".

We had an interview with Shaikh Mohammed EL-Selami, the head of the Noble Qur'an institute in which he said, "tthis committee will do its best to bring up the level of work in the Qur'anic field; in order to promulgate the culture of Qur'an among all people in the world".

He also mentioned that the committee is consisted of eight persons, some of them are from the Qur'an institute; and the others are from readership and interested. EL-Selami mentioned the goals of the committee are:

1. Focusing on future planning.

2. Attract qualified teachers whom are specialized in teaching Qur'an.
3. Holding international conferences for the Qur'anic affairs interested people.
4. Maintain communication and cooperate with the Qur'anic organizations.
5. Extend the tasks of the monthly symposiums held by the Qur'an institute for the readership of Kerba' city.
6. Raising Qur'anic thoughts, discuss them and activate them by implementing them in the Qur'anic field.
7. Rewarding and supporting the most competent Qur'an readers and reciters.
8. Holding night Qur'anic ceremonies monthly and annually.

It's mentioned that the EL-Abbas holy shrine is holding courses in Qur'an teaching weekly, monthly and annually, and some them held at the end of each festival in order to support and develop the Qur'anic activity in Kerbala' and Iraq.
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