More than 35 thousand titles presented in the pavilions of the Karbala International Book Fair, including what is presented for the first time.

The 15th edition of the Karbala International Book Fair, which is currently being held in the area between the Two Holy Shrines, continues to receive visitors from all age categories since its launch on the 28th of Rajab. The number of visitors is on the rise as we approach the end of this cultural event.

According to the director of the exhibition, Dr. Mushtaq Abbas Maan, "Year after year, the Karbala International Book Fair is witnessing a development in terms of organization, number of participations, type and capacity of the exhibition. This edition of the Book Fair included the presentation of more than 35 thousand titles in various fields (religious, cultural, literary, scientific, academic, children, etc.), including the newly published books that are presented for the first time".

"The management of the exhibition has worked hard to overcome all the difficulties that may face the publishing houses, through an integrated team that took the responsibility of fixing all technical and logistical matters."

Adding that the current edition of the exhibition will last for ten days, and focuses on the preservation of copyright of the publication and distribution of publishers, provided that no presented book is subject to judicial dispute, and the management of the exhibition blocked the presentation of any book or publication prejudicial to the sovereignty of Iraq, raise sectarianism, attack the religious symbols or has unethical aspects, in order to keeping with the reputation of the Holy City and its religious and ideological position, and not to make this exhibition a platform for the promotion of destructive cultures and propositions. "

The Karbala International Book Fair is one of the activities of the World Cultural Festival of the Martyrdom Spring. And it is one of the most prominent international exhibitions held in Iraq and has attracted major publishing houses and institutions from inside and outside Iraq.
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