Al-Kafeel Nurseries Group creates a green piece of art in the gardens of the complex of the al-Kafeel University.

The new complex of the al-Kafeel University in the province of Najaf, which was recently inaugurated with many features that made it in the ranks of advanced university buildings. Among those features that makes it unique from the rest of the academic institutions in Iraq are the green spaces in the courtyard and sidewalks of the main and the interior roads of the university, which contribute to create a kind of psychological balance of the student thanks to the large and positive impact of nature on mental health. The staff of the al-Kafeel nurseries group of the Department of Service Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine made the space between the facilities of the university a beautiful green oasis.

Mr. Mu'ayyad Hatef, stated to al-Kafeel Network: "The work at the new campus of the al-Kafeel university has been underway for quite some time. Our work was parallel to the construction work. As after reviewing the master plans of the complex, we conducted a field inspection to prepare an integrated plan of action for the purpose of creating gardens and green spaces in it. The works continued to prepare the necessary designs for each section and to identify the plants and seedlings for each part in accordance with the value of this large project. Then we have prepared the soil and replaced it with special types suitable for agriculture, and we started the planting of more than 75 thousand plants and seedlings, which varied between the permanent, the seasonal and the perennial types, which were distributed on an area of ​​15 thousand square meters, including the gardens, middle squares and sidewalks, in addition to the implementation of a giant fountain in the center of the university, with a diameter of 15 meters equipped with 90 water exit in beautiful forms."

He also said: "The work included also a vertical vegetable plate bearing the slogan of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, on which we planted 4000 flowers of different colors, as well as the work of various geometric arches with specific types of seedlings and flowers, in addition to the cultivation of 30 palms of good quality on the main road leading to the complex."

"These areas were cultivated with special varieties of the Indian doab [Scutch grass] that was cultivated in the al-Kafeel nursery and then was distributed in a way that added beauty to the gardens." He said.

As for the watering mechanism and follow-up of these plants, Mr. Hatef explained: "The watering is done in a modern way through the use of hidden sprinklers that are connected to a central watering system covering what is currently planted. In the future, upon the completion of the buildings of the university a team will be assigned to oversee the follow-up and sustainability of these green areas and their watering. "
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