Division of Distribution of Water distributed thousands of liters of cold water to the visitors and service processions.

Division of Distribution of Water of the Service Affairs Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine provided thousands of liters of water (R0) and distributed it to the visitors and the service processions during the Ziyarat of mid Sha'ban.

The division was supplied with the necessary water from two sources, the first is the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine station for the production of water and the second is al-Kafeel Company for the production of drinking water and this in the form of cups. The Division's plan, for which it harnessed all its efforts, was on several axes:

First: inside the holy shrine, where a number of associates have been formed to follow up the water reservoirs existing and spread inside the shrine, to sustain them and filled them with cold water provided by the station prepared for this purpose.

Second: Outside the holy shrine, where groups have been formed to provide cold water for the water stations located outside the holy shrine, in the area between the two holy shrines and the roads used by the visitors.

Third: Supplying the service processions with the needed water by the special vehicles and mechanisms of the Division.

It is noteworthy that the Division has prepared for this Ziyarat since a long time a plan tailored to the needs of each site.
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