A delegation of the holy shrine participates in the closing ceremony of "Baqiyyatu Allah" Festival in the al-Sahla mosque.

In the presence of a number of religious and academic figures, representatives of the holy shrines and sanctuaries, a delegation of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine participated in the closing ceremony of the 12th annual cultural festival of "Baqiyyatu Allah", organized by the Secretariat of the Al-Sahla Mosque on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Baqiyyatu [rest of] Allah; the awaited al-Hujjah (may Allah hasten his holy reappearance) on the fifteenth of the great month of Sha’ban.

The Secretary General of the Great mosque of al-Sahla; Dr. Eng. Modhar Sayed Ali Khan al-Madani presented a word during the festival in which he stated: "The meeting of the lovers today to commemorate this occasion is the meeting of the hearts that will accelerate the appearance of the Imam of our time (peace be upon him), and this festival is a simple effort we are making for this cause."

Stressing: "The importance of this noble day is that it represents the birth of the hope of humanity as a whole. All the prophets from Adam (peace be upon him) and up to the Holy Prophet Mohammad (Allah's prayers be upon him and upon his holy Household), as well as his pure guardians, waited for that promised day of the great reformer, by whom the earth will be filled with justice and equity thoroughly the same as it has been filled with injustice and oppression."

In his speech, he referred to the narrations about the great mosque of Al-Sahla and its visit. He thanked all those who attended the festival from the holy shrines and the Shiite shrines, recalling the late Sayed Mohammed Ali Al-Helou, who used to attend this festival and present a research paper about the Imam Master of the Order and the Time (may Allah hasten his holy reappearance).

The closing ceremony also included other activities, such as poetry, chanting and theater play, as well as the opening of an exhibition of calligraphy and paintings.

It is worth mentioning that the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine used to attend forums and festivals to extend bridges of cooperation and communication with the holy shrines and Shiite shrines.
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