Sayed al-Safi inaugurates the exhibition of the products of the charitable foundation of Noor al-Hassan (peace be upon him).

On the morning of this Friday 20th Sha'ban 1440 AH corresponding to April 26, 2019, the Senior Official of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Sayed Ahmad al-Safi inaugurated the sixth art exhibition of the charitable foundation Noor Al-Hassan (peace be upon him) in the area between the two holy shrines and which will last for three days.

For his part, Sayed Issa Al-Hassani, Director of the Foundation, said: "This exhibition includes most handicraft products of widows and orphans sponsored by the Foundation."

He added: "The aim of these exhibitions, which are held for the sixth year in a row, is to introduce orphans and widows, on the one hand, and to develop the mental capabilities of orphans, whether in the field of painting, sculpture or other works of art."

Indicating: "This exhibition also helps to build the characters of the widows and let them acquire new skills such as sewing, embroidery, accessories and rural industries taken from palm fronds."

He added: "Through these activities, we seek to raise the level of living for the participants by providing them with employment opportunities and to raise the level of development, where the individual can be a balanced and beneficial personality in society and be able to rely on himself by integrating him into the cohesive society, which is based on the cooperation and cohesion sponsored by the Foundation."

Stressing that: "The foundation sponsors more than (500) families in the holy city of Karbala and more than (2000) orphans, in addition to (500) orphans from the province of Najaf."
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