The al-Kafeel Global Network gains 214 points and ranks first within the classification of the holy shrines inside and outside Iraq.

The al-Kafeel Global Network; the official website of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, got an advanced ranking internationally in the world classification site "Alexia", ranking 183 locally within the most used websites in Iraq, and ranked 69.045 on the world wide web.

This ranking is advanced considering the millions websites and search engines in the world and which are included in this category.

The results of the classification also showed that al-Kafeel Global Network is the first of the websites of the holy shrines worldwide, as well as obtaining a very advanced ranking within the religious institutions, raking for the first time before its nearest competitor; the website of the Imam al-Hussayn's (p) holy shrine by 14.616 points, ranking 83.661, while the website of Imam ar-Redha's (p) holy shrine ranked 86.172, the website of Imam Ali's (p) holy shrine ranked 224.789 and the website of the Kadhemiyah holy shrine ranked 299.782., seeks excellence by its multilingualism, as the al-Kafeel global Network published its news and programs in 8 languages providing various services.

Through its website, the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has been able to reach a large segment of Internet users, spreading its messages, and publishing its news and periodic activities through a number of windows such as news, pictures, video clips, Ziyarat by proxy, etc.

The al-Kafeel Global Network also has excellent units such as the electronic media unit, which works as a bee cell in monitoring, drafting and editing news, the unit of translation and editing, the unit of direct transmission, which works on the transmission and maintenance of live transmission in the network, the Web programming unit, the technical design unit, the information security unit and other supporting units.

According to the classification, the beneficiaries of the services of the Network are distributed between Iraq and abroad from Arab and Islamic countries, mostly surfing through or as well as other search engines.
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