Al-Kafeel Center for Culture and International Media issues a series of three-language editions about the effects of sins.

Psychological and social research in decades proved that knowledge of the effects of sins is an important factor to deter people from committing into them. Therefore, the unit of study and the rejection of suspicions at the al-Kafeel Center for Culture and International Media adopted a project to issue a series of pamphlets dealing with these effects on the body and soul.

Jassam Mohammed Al-Saidi, Director of the Center, said: "The unit, in cooperation with Dar Al-Kafeel for translation has rewritten these books in both English and Urdu languages ​​to be available to more than 2.5 billion people who speak these languages."

He added: "Dar Al-Kafeel Center for Translation in the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs continues projects to translate religious and moral publications for their importance in building society. And all praise be to Allah, many publications were translated to various languages, including English, Urdu, French, Spanish and Chinese."

For his part, the director of the house Mr. Buraq Abdul Hassan, stated: "The series of the effects of the sins were translated into English and Urdu, noting that it is composed of seven parts, each part contains a subject:

  1. General effects of sins.
  2. The illegal gains in the growth and behavior of man.
  3. Effects of adultery and sodomy on man's psycho, physical health and social relationships.
  4. The impact of alcohol and drugs in society and how to treat them?
  5. Why God Almighty forbade pork?

6 - Leave the prayer and its effects.

  1. Uterine rupture, Malady and Remedy.

He added: "The access to these publications can be done by reviewing the permanent book exhibition at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine near the screen in the area between the two Holy Shrines, in addition to their availability in the Permanent Book Fair in Beirut - Lebanon and at the Permanent Book Fair in Tehran."
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