The flag of Imam al-Hassan (peace be upon him) fluttering in the sky of Hilla city on his birth anniversary.

In an annual tradition of the annual cultural festival of the birth of Karim [the generous of] Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them); Imam al-Hassan al-Mojtaba (peace be upon him), which is held on the eve of the birth anniversary of Imam al-Hassan (peace be upon him), a green flag on which it was written: "Ya Karim Ahl al-Bayt" was raised in the Mazar of the Sun Return to Imam Ali (Peace be upon him) in the Hilla city.

The ceremony was attended by the people of Hilla city and the guests of the festival from clerics and academics from inside and outside the province of Babylon.

In it noteworthy that the Mazar of Return of Sun [Radd al-Shams] is built in the northern part of Hilla city on the site where Return of Sun occurred in the period of rule of Imam Ali (peace be upon him), as on their way to Babylon, Imam Ali (peace be upon him and his army reached Euphrates, the Imam and some of the army crossed the river and offered their 'Asr prayer on the other side, while a group of army who were trying to get their horses across the river, couldn't pray 'Asr prayer on time. The Imam Ali (peace be upon him) asked God to return the sun, and the sun returned so they prayed their 'Asr prayer.
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