Al-Kafeel Hospital reveals the truth of its prices, confirming: The first day after each operation is free of charge.

Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine denied the information that some of the social networking sites are concerned about its rooms high prices, and stressed that this information is unfounded and is promoted by those who do not have accurate information about the success of the hospital and its services that compete with hospitals in other countries.

The Director of the hospital; Dr. Jassem al-Ibrahimi, confirmed: "The first day after each operation in the hospital is free of charge, as one of the hospital services offered to all patients, and it applies to many operations that require one day".

He added: "While operations that require that the patient stay in the hospital for a period of more than a day is divided into two types: All or most days of stay are free of charge within the price of the surgery, while for some cases, the accommodation prices are not included in the price of the surgery, and this seems to be a source of confusion for some."

He also confirmed: "The daily price of these cases in their extra days after the free first day is 75 thousand dinars for the patients needing regular care, 150 thousand dinars for the patients in the HDU, and 250 thousand dinars for the patients in the ICU, because they need more materials, supplies and personnel than regular care, and one nurse is assigned to each patient."

"Most of the patients that need regular operations pay only the price of the surgery that includes other regular care expenses, but some patients - for some types of operations - need a high-tech advanced device for the breathing of the patient, which requires the payment of (150 thousand dinars) as additional fees for the device, and (50 thousand dinars) is the wages of the specialist doctor and not to the hospital."

He added: "Thus the total price of stay in the hospital for such special cases is (450 thousand dinars), and this price does not apply in most cases in our hospital, and is not the regular price, but is an exception imposed by the nature of additional materials and services."

Dr. Ibrahimi called the citizens and activists in the communication sites to be careful to transfer the truth so as not to distort it, and be a cause that many of our citizens are deprived from our distinguished medical services and reduced prices compared to their foreign counterparts, forcing them to spend more of these amounts outside Iraq, unaware that our revenues are spent in the form of treatment services or free or reduced operations for the poor citizen, after paying the operating costs of the hospital, unlike similar hospitals whose revenues go to their owners.
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