Al-Joud Company products raise the production of agricultural crops and reduce their cost.

The products of Al-Joud Company for the modern industrial and agricultural technology of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, from fertilizers and organic pesticides are still achieving great success in the agricultural sector due to their high quality as well as the company's precise scientific methods of using them, which made the products be required by every Iraqi farmer, for their contribution to raising the productivity of agricultural crops and reducing their cost.

Many experiments have proved the success of these products on the ground. Today we will discuss one of the successful experiences of a farmer's farm in the Azizia region of Wasit province; Ali Dhaher, who said: "Since I started using the fertilizers produced by Al-Joud Company, the production started increasing, as well as the improvement of the quality of fruit and the lack of diseases that were inherent in the periods of cultivation. this the implementation of a program of food and nutrition that proved to be successful, and we have achieved good results and we recommend all farmers to implement this program, which is carried out by specialized engineers supported by the company's products."

The agricultural engineer Abbas Salal said: "Our use of the products of Al-Joud Company for the technology of industry and modern agriculture has led to a doubling of production, so the products of this company are an Iraqi fingerprint towards the development of the agricultural sector and increase of production, and we note the increase in production in these houses by 100% "with the improvement of its quality.

It is worth mentioning that the process of fertilization and nutrition is carried out according to very precise scientific methods developed by Al-Joud Company with low material costs, achieving positive results of increasing production and improving the quality of crops.
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