The Magazine of Riyadh az-Zahra (peace be upon her) honors the participants in its fourth media forum.

On the occasion of the thirteenth anniversary of the magazine of Riyadh az-Zahra (peace be upon her) of the Department of the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine within the framework of the Fourth Women's Media Forum under the slogan "Women Media is inspired from the blessings of Karbala", The administration of the fourth forum honored the chairwoman of the research session; Dr. Ra'edah Fayyadh al-'Akili and a number of the winners in the competitions of the best article, short story, child story, essay and journalist's report during this year, in the Center of as0Siddiqah at-Tahera (peace be upon her), on Friday June 14, 2019.

The winner of the best article competition was Raja' al-Bitar from Lebanon, while Abeer al-Mandhoor from Karbala ranked second and Nawal Atiyah al-Mteyri ranked third.

For the short story competition, the writer Bayda' al-'Awadi from Karbala won the first prize, the writer Isra' Mohamad al-'Akrawi from Najaf won the second price and the writer Dhamiya' Hasan al-'Awadi from Karbala won the third prize.

In the essay competition, Iman Da'bal from Bahrain won the first prize, while the second prize was given to Nada al-Lawati from Sultanate Oman and Fatima Jasem Farman from Karbala won the third prize.

In the child story competition, the writer Jawaher al-Zahra Ibrahim from Lebanon won the first prize, while the writer Fatima Abd al-Aziz from Saudi Arabia won the second prize.

As for the Journalist's best report in this year, the winners are: Du'a Fadhel al-Rabi'i from Najaf, then Ramla Sahi al-Khuza'i from Najaf, and third is Dhamiya' Hasan al-‘Awadi from Karbala.
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