The team of "Doctors without wages" travel to a remote area of Karbala and provides free medical services to more than 250 citizens.

A humanitarian project adopted by the al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine entitled "Doctors Without Wages), has been widely welcomed by the beneficiaries, being presented for the first time and implemented in this form and mechanism, including many areas inside and outside the holy province of Karbala. And because of the good achieved results, the management of the hospital set it up as one of its priorities and harnessed to it all its human potential of doctors and nurses or medicines and medical treatments, as most of these areas suffer from a lack of medical services and treatment.

The program targeted the Al-Jawadayn district (3 km south of Karbala governorate), which is one of the remote areas that suffers from many problems including the health situation. The team was able to provide medical and therapeutic services to more than 250 cases including eye examination and diagnosis of diseases, and the examination of children and provide free treatment for them, as well as the examination of internal diseases of adults and skin diseases under the supervision of medical and therapeutic staff of the hospital, or those that the hospital invited from outside Iraq to provide treatment for each case.

Dr. Jassem al-Ibrahimi, Director of the hospital, said: "The Doctors Without Wages project is continuing to provide its services. As it is one of the projects that the hospital has given great interest under the direction of the Holy Shrine as it contributes to relieving the patients' burden and providing free medical services to those who cannot go to public hospitals, because of the absence or lack of medical or therapeutic treatments or facilities. The project has achieved great success and interaction of its beneficiaries and its followers."

The project has seen a big turnout and of a great praise by the people of this region which was really in need of such services.

It is to note that the project of "Doctors without wage", which was launched in the holy city of Karbala, aims to:

First: Check the pathological cases in the areas that suffer shortages in the presence of medical centres.

Second: Prescribing the appropriate treatment and giving it under the supervision of specialist doctors.

Third: Contributing to alleviate the burden on citizens' health.

Fourth: Educating medically the residents of these areas and giving them medical instructions.

Fifth: Referring the incurable cases to the hospital and supervising to give them the appropriate treatment after diagnosis.

Sixth: Seeing in the field the pathologies of the patients in these areas to find suitable treatments.
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