The al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad honors some of its fighters who were distinguished in the religious cycle.

The leadership of the al-Abbas's (peace be upon him) fighting squad, 26th brigade of the popular mobilization, honored some of its fighters, who received high marks and advanced grades in the tests that concluded the religious course organized by the Squad's religious guidance department. The celebration was held in the headquarters of the squad in the holy province of Karbala and was attended by the supervisor of the squad; Sheikh Maitham al-Zaidi and a number of leaders and fighters.

During an interview, Sheikh Maitham al-Zaidi stated: "The religious project of the squad is very important for the completion of the militant and religious personality of the fighter who answered the Fatwa of jihad," stressing: "We do not force the fighters to convert to another religion or doctrine that is not theirs. all that interests us in this project is that the human being is a lover of his country and his people, peaceful, loves others and is beneficial to all groups of society and no more, which are purely human values ​​provided by heavenly religions in order to promote our dear country, its people and its future. "

For his part, the director of the Department of Religious Guidance in the Squad; Sheikh Qassim Jabouri, saying: "The course was established under the guidance of the supervisor of the squad, the preachers were spread in various formations of the squad in the country, and there are more than (100) Mujahid who obtained the high grades of 97 % or more. These grades indicate the strength of the session, "noting:" The importance of this session after the end of the battles is to strengthen the religious and cognitive aspect of the fighter to be a model for everyone. "
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