Al-Kafeel Hospital provided free medical and treatment services to 10289 fighter from the popular mobilization.

The administration of the al-Kafeel super Speciality Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has given great importance to the wounded of the battle to liberate the Iraqi usurped lands from the clutches of the terrorist gangs of ISIL, whether they were from the security forces or the popular mobilization forces of all their factions, to provide them with necessary medical and treatment services.

The hospital announced covering the treatment of 10289 patients of the popular mobilization within three years, and continues to provide these services, which also included the families of martyrs and wounded.

"For the past three years, the hospital has been keen to provide medical services from diagnosing, medication and surgical procedures free of charge to patients from the popular mobilization, which is the least possible thing we can do for those heroes who have sacrificed themselves for the sake of defending the homeland from the desecration of terrorism," said Dr. Jassem Ibrahimi, director of the hospital.

Indicating: "Within three years, the hospital has spent more than five billion Iraqi dinars to treat a number of poor and low-income patients who have been treated by its team of " Doctors Without Wage " as well as those included in the list of the religious authority offices, humanitarian institutions, satellite channels, social media websites, and we ensured their treatment in the hospital."
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