Childhood and Youth Division launches "Rayaheen" children website.

The Childhood and Youth Division of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has launched a website dedicated to the culture of the child entitled "Rayaheen" to join the specialized sites of the Holy Shrine in the Internet.

The site is the result of the world comprehensive development in recent years, especially on the electronic side, which enabled many interactive and communicative features with the recipient, as the electronic means became more accessible to all segments of society. Therefore the Division of childhood and youth set within its interests, establishing a website that is concerned with the intellectual construction of children, evaluating their behavior and establishing the most important moral and Islamic principles in their hearts.

The technical staff working in the Internet Division ensured the design and programming of the site according to the doors and windows proposed by the beneficiary. It took about six months to crystallize the ideas and visions in order to produce a special website specialized for children.

The website was called: (, and according to the head of the Internet Division Sayed. Haider Mamitha: "The website was designed and programmed by the staff of the Internet Division according to the latest safe programs and designs harmonious with the nature of its work, to be compatible with computers, tablets and smart phones, as well as all modern browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and others, to suit all the smart devices that are likely to be used by children taking into account the available speed of the Internet while maintaining its compatibility with search engines such as google. We have also used modern techniques in the programming of the site, such as (VUE JS), a sophisticated and very fast technology update data, and transfer from the server to the browser, making its browsing speed quicker compared to the speed of Internet in Iraq. "

He continued: "The design and programming of the site was simplified and we used graphics and colors attractive to children's education and interaction, and we give interest to the movements and animation of pictures on all pages of the site to attract children, and we used advanced techniques of movement, enabling the site to work on all smart devices and different browsers, with the use of (CSS3 + SVG Images + JAVA Libraries) to make different movements on shapes and forms to be an interactive painting."

It is noteworthy that the Division of Childhood and Youth seeks through this site to deliver the most important educational and literary topics to the largest number of children, and expand the circle of communication with them and show the most creative aspects inherent in their imagination, as the website became an interactive method that is important to communicate directly with readers and to express their views and suggestions as well as their active participation in the sections of the site or in the al-Rayaheen magazine for children.
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