The Laboratory of the al-Kafeel Museum for Treasures and Manuscripts is a milestone in museums in Iraq.

The laboratory of the al-Kafeel Museum of the Treasures and Manuscripts in the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine is one of the most important sections of the museum's work, which is carried out by the staff of the al-Kafeel museum, where all the maintenance works are carried out for all the museum's artifacts and treasures, whether those exhibited in the museum's galleries or not.

Here are the features of this lab:

1- One of the best laboratories in the treatment of antiquities.

2 - Works to revive and rebuild artifacts and antiquities.

3- The damage shall be treated with mechanical maintenance, taking into consideration the non-change in its heritage value.

4- Depends on the work of specialized Iraqi professional competencies.

5- Distinguishing accurately in working according to scientific standards.

6 - Maintains the body of museum pieces.

7- Shows heritage models in the best way.

It should be noted that the doors of the al-Kafeel Museum for Treasures and Manuscripts in the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine is open daily to all visitors, in order to display the valuables and antiquities as well as precious manuscripts dating back to several centuries.
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