Al-Wafa campaign provides support to the sixth preparatory students in Mosul.

In support of the students in the province of Nineveh, the Al-Wafa campaign - the Mosul branch-, supervised by the 26th brigade of the popular mobilisation of the al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad, initiated the distribution of fresh cold water to the students who are currently having the final ministerial examinations in the sixth preparatory stage.

The campaign distributed on the first day of tests, fresh cold water on (800) students and educational staff, because the exams coincided with the summer that is characterized by the high temperatures, as part of an initiative to be organized for the second year in a row. The organizers in this campaign have confirmed that they will double the number of distributed cold water bottles in the coming days until the end of the exams. And we wish the students success, especially after the liberation of their city from the terrorists and its return to the bosom of our dear country.
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