The al-Kafeel Nursery Group produces new seasonal and perennial plants.

The al-Kafeel Nursery Group of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine announced the production and import of new seasonal and perennial plants and seedlings which are appropriate to the weather conditions of the province of Karbala in particular and the rest of the provinces in general. The work continues to increase the production of the best and most important types of trees especially perennial and flowering trees that give beauty to our gardens and the streets of our cities, to be a qualitative leap in the further development and improvement of the environment.

The head of the al-Kafeel Nursery Group; Mr. Mu'ayyad Hatef Mohamad stated: "Our work in the nursery is continuous throughout the year according to a specific schedule. And due to the lack of plants and seedlings grown in the summer and beyond, we have decided the introduction of other large trees and small seedlings, as well as seasonal seedlings in addition to types of trees that give shadow, including species that enter Iraq for the first time."

As for the acceptability of the plants of the group, he explained: "There is a high demand for our products for several reasons, including:

- Seedling quality.

- Credibility of dealing.

- Respect for time.

- We have an exclusive agency for some of the seeds we have grown and produced.

- We are the only one that produces some types of trees in large sizes, which shortens the time in planting trees."

At the end of his speech, Mr. Mu'ayyad announced the readiness of the al-Kafeel nursery Group is ready to provide the municipal departments with what they need in the landscaping of the streets and side-walks, mid-streets with suitable species for the Iraqi weather at subsidized and competitive prices that are much less than the import. Also, the citizens from inside and outside the province can acquire what they see fit for them and meet their needs through direct selling outlets.

And in order to communicate with the AlKafeel Nursery Group of holy shrine, it is possible to visit its site located in the holy city of Karbala / Husseiniya Road / near the white Qantara or call the following number (07718003738).
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