The Nursing Faculty at the al-'Ameed University; quality education and academic accreditation standards.

Like the rest of the faculties of the al-'Ameed University of the Department of Education and Higher Education at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, the College of Nursing has taken steps to achieve the quality standards of education. Its plans include adopting the Quality Improvement Board and the academic performance of nursing colleges in Iraqi public and private universities.

The college periodic meeting of this council was recently held at the headquarters of the College with the participation of representatives of most nursing schools in Iraq, to ​​follow up and discuss the implementation of the tasks and duties entrusted to the President and members of the Council in the field of improving the quality of academic performance of nursing colleges in Iraqi universities, in a way that is commensurate with the world accredited standards in the academic performance in the world's most prestigious universities.

Assistant Professor Dr. Naji Yasser Al-Mayahi Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at the al-'Ameed University, talked about this meeting, saying: "For a period of time, we have coordinated with the nursing colleges in the Iraqi public and private universities, so that our university embraces the periodic meeting of the Council for Quality Improvement and Academic Accreditation of Iraqi nursing colleges, in order to highlight the role of the al-'Ameed University in the participation and sponsorship of various scientific activities and official meetings, conferences and seminars, as we today embraced this important meeting, which aims to discuss the reality of the work of nursing colleges and strive to develop their performance quality, as well as the development of effective solutions to the obstacles facing the work of these colleges. "

Highlighting: "The participants discussed the issue of the national standards of the Quality Improvement Council and agreed to establish a workshop on how to write them, as well as discuss the ministerial notes on the rules of procedure of the Council."
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