Al-Kafeel Project for Poultry and Modern Hatcheries; Large production capacity and efficiency in performance.

Al-Kafeel Project for Poultry and Modern Hatcheries is one of the new tributaries of the Iraqi economy, because of its significant contribution to the advancement of food security for Iraq and reduce dependence on the importer. It is also one of the most important hatcheries in the country because it contains the latest devices imported from global origin.

The Assistant head of the al-Kafeel Project of Hatcheries; Engineer Dhyab al-Sharifi stated: "This project was established in 2016 and was created with the help of European cadres and the participation of our local cadres. It contains modern and unique equipment."

For his part, one of the supervisors of the work of the hatcheries, Mr. Abbas Fadel, said: "The distribution is done to all the provinces of Iraq thanks to the large capacity of production of this efficient hatchery, in view of the development of its equipment and devices that are imported from Europe."
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