After receiving appeals from the owners: Engineering maintenance department begins demolition of fall-out houses in the old city.

The old city of the holy city of Karbala is full of many dwellings that have been built for decades, and as a result of the age and the erosion of building materials, especially that some of them were not subject to any maintenance work and part of them is inhabited, parts of them started to fall, and because most of them are located on the narrow alleys used by visitors and the inability of residents to deal with such things, the engineering maintenance department has begun to demolish the buildings threatened to fall.

According to the department, the works took place after receiving appeals from the people and visitors to find a solution to avoid the dangers that might be caused in the event of the fall of parts of these houses. The al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has responded to these appeals and assigned tasks to the Engineering Maintenance Department, which in turn initially conducted a field survey Assessment of damage, identification of houses to be destroyed as well as identification of the routes used by the vehicles, so as not to affect the movement of visitors and the region, and then demolition works started in this project.
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